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Outdoor motion, twilight and temperature sensor VMBPIRO(W/B)

The VMBPIRO is so much more than an ordinary motion detector for outside.

This adapted Theben sensor allows you to simultaneously use motion- and light sensitivity as well as temperature measurement. The built-in astronomical clock allows the VMBPIRO to operate time-dependently. And on top of that, the module is able to simultaneously detect motion for a passage signal or detect light dependent movement for lighting control.

Available in black (VMBPIROB) and white (VMBPIROW).

Functionality in a nutshell:
- 2 x twilight sensor with adjustable threshold values
- 2 x motion sensor with adjustable timers
- 2 x light-dependent motion detection: reacts only to motion when it is dark enough. With adjustable threshold values.
- High temperature alarm
- Low temperature alarm
- Outside temperature can be communicated to the Home Center server and/or displayed on Velbus glass touch panels VMBGPOD(W/B)
- Time-dependent functioning: all output channels can be programmed to be enabled or disabled at certain moments. With built-in astronomical clock (sunrise and sunset).

Velbuslink 9.25 or higher required.