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    Who are we?

    Choosing to build or renovate your home is never easy. Numerous decisions are to be made, including the electricity .

    Should you go for a classic installation or are you going for a home automation system ? What does it cost? Isn't home automation too complicated? Is it expandable in the future? Our team will answer all your questions.

    Velbus is a Belgian brand, developed and produced by Velleman Group in Gavere. With 20 years of experience in home automation and 50 years of know-how in the electronics development, Velleman Group will help you realize all of your projects.



    Compared to other home automation systems you only pay what you are using.



    Control all your lighting and devices with a simple stroke on our stylish glass control panels.



    Velbus is a Belgian brand, developed and produced by Velleman Group , with 50 years of experience in the development and productions of electronics solutions.



    Velbus is a flexible and modular system which adapts to your changing needs. 

    A day in life with Velbus home automation


    Comparison with other systems

    Velbus allies reliability with simplicity , while other parties try to convince you with technical gadgets. Admitted, we too are fan of these gadgets, but they may not be at the expense of a button which switches the light on or off. We will be happy to sit together with you and find a stable, simple and custom-made solution which suits your needs.

    Thanks to its lifelong expandability, your home automation system is, just like your home, a logical and sustainable solution.

    Velbus versus classic installation

    Velbus is a home automation system which differs from a classic installation.

    In a classic installation, the power sockets are directly connected to the electrical panel per room or floor. In a Velbus home automation system, each power socket can be connected separately . This way, you can separately switch each power socket, such as the garden lighting or coffee machine. 

    In a classic installation, the lighting points are grouped per room and connected to a single switch in that room. Only that particular switch can control that lighting point. In the Velbus home automation system, the lighting points are connected directly to the electrical panel. All switches are connected using 1 cable, the bus cable. Then, Velbus modules in the electrical panel are connected to the bus cable, which will switch the power sockets and lighting points. This system allows you to control every power socket and lighting point from any control panel in the house.

    Also, it is possible to equip the control panel next to the front door or your bed with an ‘all off’ button. This one button will switch off all desired lights and power sockets at once. You won't have to worry whether the light in the bathroom is switched off ever again.

    The Velbus home automation system has many more possibilities. You will be able to create atmospheres (combinations of dimmed and non-dimmed lights), set switching times, check the state of devices, consult the actual energy consumption, open and close the sun blinds based on the weather and so much more.

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    At Velbus HQ we have build a state of the art experience center! Discover with your own eyes every single high-tech home automation products that we have to offer.

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