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The Velbus domotics system only sends a command when a pushbutton is being pressed or released. Example: The bus is empty when a lighting point is being dimmed so simultaneous commands will not pose any problem.

Velbus is designed to be used with push buttons. Switches can be used, but this involves some extra programming, and comes with a few limitations. Eg. dimming with switches is not possible (apart from setting to a fixed value). We advise strongly to use push buttons.
However, if this is impossible, switches can be used as explained here (PDF).

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When the LEDs on a module are blinking, this can be for the following reasons:
- continuous, regular blinking (slow or fast) means a timer is running
- when the LEDs flash a few times, than pause, then flash again a few times, this means an error has occurred:
• 2 times flashing, pause, 2 times flashing, etc: communication error
• 3 times flashing, pause, 3 times flashing, etc:
- for most modules: power supply voltage too low
- for VMBDMI(-R) dimmers: load not dimmable
• 4 times flashing, pause, 4 times flashing, etc:
- for most modules: power supply voltage too high
- for VMBDMI(-R) dimmers: temperature alarm (but still working)
• 5 times flashing, pause, 5 times flashing, etc: switched off due to temperature protection (only on certain modules, eg. dimmers)

 For that purpose, and much more, we have the VMBSIG-V1 Signum IoT Gateway.  

A UTP cable will be more than suitable for a regular home automation. Extensive installations (covering large distances >100m) will need EIB cables. This cable type has a larger wire gauge so the loss over larger distances will be negligible. We also recommend using a power voltage of minimum 14V, which is perfectly feasible when using a Velbus power supply.

What happens to the date and time after a power blackout?

Data written in the modules will not deleted by a power blackout. Date and time will be recovered automatically using the Signum IoT gateway (VMBSIG). This module will recall the correct time via the Internet. No Signum installed? Set the time manually through one of the modules with OLED display (e.g. the VMBGPOD or VMBELO) or by using the VelbusLink clock synchronisation.

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