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✔  Easy to use

Velbus is easy to use! Control all your lighting and devices with a simple stroke on our stylish glass control panels. 

  • Feedback through LEDs on the control panel and/or Edge Lit illumination. 

  • Assign a name or picture to each action. 

  • Control the status of your home lighting or devices on only one panel. 

  • Navigate between multiple pages on a panel.

velbus easy to use
velbus easy to configure

✔  Easy to configure

Configuring and programming may sound like a difficult task, but not with Velbus.

Once the basic configuration completed by your approved Velbus installer, setting your system using our free Velbuslink software on your PC is a walk in the park.

✔  Easy to install

Even your approved Velbus installer will gladly work with Velbus. Compared to competing systems, we can always offer you the most attractive quote for both home automation and larger projects.

Choosing a Velbus solution speaks for itself. Your electrician or installer does not know Velbus? No problem! After a basic training, every professional electrician will be able to work with Velbus.

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velbus easy to install
Velbus makes life easy

✔  Velbus makes your life easy

Programming the switch-off time of lighting, rolling down the sun blinds on a sunny summer day, automatically switch on the coffee machine in the morning...  A properly configured Velbus system makes your life so much easier! 

 Watch a day in life with Velbus home automation video

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