Affordable home automation

Home automation is still considered as being expensive. Did you know that you pay nearly the same price for a Velbus system than for a classic installation? Actually, it's cheaper than a traditional installation because a home automation system offers you loads of possibilities.

velbus ever-expandable modular system

✔  Only pay what you are using

Velbus is an ever-expandable modular system . The basic package is an already complete system at a bargain price. Compared to other home automation systems, Velbus does not feature an expensive central unit. When you decide to expand your installation, you will only pay for the necessary extra modules.

✔  Avoid follow-up costs

After your Velbus installation has been installed and configured by your approved installer, fine-tuning the system to your wishes is a walk in the park. There is no need to call upon your installer or pay for every single adjustment.

velbus avoid follow-up costs

✔  Save on energy

Once correctly configured, the Velbus system allows you to save on energy. The lighting and heating switch off automatically, the
‘all off’ button switches off all standby devices... The newest Velbus developments will even notify you as soon as your energy consumption is excessive. That's how you will save money on your bill.

✔  Give your house added value

An automated home is worth money. Thanks to the Velbus system you will recoup your investment when selling your house.

velbus added value to your house

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