Extend your Velbus warranty

In addition to the 2-year factory warranty, you get an 8-year extended warranty on your Velbus installation (max. 6 months after initial operation) if you fill in this registration form . This extended warranty applies to propriety Velbus hardware and not to possible labour and/or transport costs.

This warranty does not cover defects and damage caused by disregard of operating instructions, incorrect use, abnormal ambient or usage conditions, overloading or straining, over-voltage, lightning stroke, etc. Power supplies (like the VMBPSU-2) are excluded from the extended warranty.

We offer a 5-year warranty on our Signum IoT gateway after registration, mindful of the rapid advancements in technology. This time-frame doesn't imply obsolescence after five years; rather, as software applications evolve, they may demand more powerful hardware. This policy ensures you have reliable technology within this period, while acknowledging the potential need for future upgrades to maintain optimal performance.

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