Find a velbus installer nearby

Find a Velbus installer nearby!

For new installations, or support on existing installations you can search the nearest Velbus installer.  Enter your location to search for a Velbus Partner or showroom near you.

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Velbus experience center

At the Velbus HQ, we built a state-of-the-art experience center!

Discover with your own eyes every single high-tech home automation product we have to offer.

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Velbus experience center

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Becoming a Velbus installer has advantages only. In comparison with competing systems, you will always be able to present the  most attractive price offer , be it for home automation or for large scale projects. A basic Velbus installation is the choice to make.

The  easy installation process , the fact that there is no need for  any investment  and the  free trainings  considerably shorten the step towards Velbus domotics.

Just take a look at the  trainings  we offer and decide today to change your life for the better.

Who can become an installer?

Every professional familiar with electrical installations and domotics is a candidate.

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Info sessions for installers

Learn more about the info sessions we offer on the working of the Velbus system

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