Velbus made in belgium

✔  Made in Belgium

Velbus is a Belgian brand, developed and produced by  Velleman Group , with  50 years of experience in the development and productions of    electronics solutions. 

With Velbus, Velleman Group has been on the home automation market for 20 years. Besides a Belgian  engineers team , the Velbus system is made in Belgium to guarantee quality and short delivery times.

✔  10 years warranty 

At Velbus, we believe in what we do. That's why we offer a 10-year warranty on our modules from the first use of your installation. You can register your Veblus installation here .

10 years warranty
Expandable without limits

✔  Expandable without limits

The Velbus system can be expanded without any limits. By keeping our standard communication protocol as is, newly added modules will always be backwards compatible with the older modules. 

Users from the first hour (almost 20 years ago) can still expand their existing installation today. Replacing older control modules with newer models? It's all possible!

✔  Safe(ty)  

Velbus is a very safe system where it is shielded from the outside world . Your privacy is guaranteed and data will not be saved onto foreign servers.

automotive system

✔  The same communication protocol as used in the automotive industry

Velbus is based on the  industrial CAN-bus communication system , which is also used in the security system in cars. This bus cable guaranteed that a sent signal actually arrives at the recipient.

Every Velbus module scans the bus continuously and executes the (recovery) instruction whenever necessary. Like a vehicle's airbag will deploy at a crash, so will Velbus switch on the light whenever you need it.

✔  Decentralized system  

Each Velbus module is independent from any other module thanks to the internal communication and execution body. There is no expensive central server/module executing all commands. 

That's why we talk about a decentralized system. A module in your Velbus system with deviant behaviour will not affect the rest of your installation.


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