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VMBDME - Dimmer for electronic/resistive load

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1-channel 200W dimmer suitable for halogen lamps and lamps connected using an electronic transformer. Create an atmosphere which suits you best or let your lights dim slowly to avoid unexpected surprises. It is also possible to simulate a sunrise which makes waking up a lot more pleasant!

Configuration: manual or via PC.

  • Noiseless through CoolMOS™ FET
  • mains pollution (EMI) conform EN55015
  • Built-in non-resettable fuse
  • gradual switch on or off a. will prolong the lamp's life
  • manual control on the module
  • control through VELBUS
  • programmable without PC
  • 16 possible time set-ups: momentary - 5s - 10s - 15s - 30s - 1min - 2 min - 5min - 10min - 15min - 30min - 1u - 2u - 5u - 1day - on/off
  • controllable by connecting several push buttons in parallel
  • easy learning process
  • storage space for 16 different push buttons
  • learned push buttons are saved in case of a power failure
  • report to control modules
  • LED indicators for:
    • operation modes
    • power voltage
    • data reception and forwarding through VELBUS
  • operation modes :
    • moment control
    • start/stop timer
    • staircase lighting timer
    • dimmer
    • dimmer with memory function
    • multi-position dimmer
    • slow-on dimmer
    • slow-off dimmer
    • slow on-off dimmer
  • control possibilities:
    • push buttons turning on the lamp to full intensity
    • push buttons turning the lamp off
    • push buttons turning on the lamp to full intensity or turning off the lamp
    • push buttons activating the set operation mode
    • push buttons increasing the lamp's light intensity
    • push buttons decreasing the lamp's light intensity
    • push buttons creating atmospheric lighting
    • push buttons turning on the lamp on the desired intensity.
  • power supply: 12VDC...18VDC
  • consumption: 40mA
  • required mains voltage: 100-125V/60Hz or 220-240V/50Hz
  • maximum load:
    • 200W @ 230V or 100W @ 115V
  • dimming from 0 to 100% in ca. 4 seconds
  • 248 possible addresses
  • push button input debounce: 65ms
  • dimensions: 90 x 36 x 58mm / 3.5 x 1.4 x 2.3"
  • weight: 95g (0.21lbs)
  • width: 2 DIN modules
  • protocol manuals for developers: available for download at https://github.com/velbus


PDF-File short user manual for VMBDME
Basic manual explaining the basic functions of the Velbus dimmer for electronic/resistive loads.


EXE-File VelbusLink 10.1.8 (EN/NL/FR) - Latest version
Free Windows program to configure and program a Velbus installation (latest version)
PDF-File Velbus Installation Guide, Part 1: Hardware and Cabling
Everything you need to know about the VELBUS hardware
PDF-File Velbus Installation Guide, Part 2: Configuration
How to configure VELBUS modules using the free software VELBUSLINK
EXE-File VelbusLink (EN/NL/FR) - Previous version
Previous version of VelbusLink

Info Sheets

PDF-File Datasheet
Product information about the dimmer for electronic / resistive load
PDF-File VMBDME protocol
Protocol information describing how to develop software that can communicate with this module
HTML-File Velbus actions by module (click on an action to see a description)
List of actions per module