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VMB2PBAN-R - Push-button interface for niko® single or dual push-button, with amber feedback leds

Also available with blue LEDs as the VMB2PBN-R.

  • suitable for:
    • single push button with screw connection terminals: NIKO® ref. 170-00000
    • dual push button with screw connection terminals: NIKO® ref. 170-05000
  • NOT suitable for: NIKO® ref. 170-00005 and 170-05005 (with plug-in connection terminals)
  • backlight of the buttons:
    • switchable, on or off
    • brightness adjustable
  • feedback on the buttons:
    • switchable, on or off
    • brightness adjustable
    • flashing mode on or off
    • status feedback of a contact (open or closed)
  • configuration:
    • only configurable via Velbus pc interface (VMB1USB, VMB1RS or VMBRSUSB) and the Velbuslink software
    • software addressing (up to 250 adresses possible)
    • push button settings:
      • response time for each push button adjustable between 0, 1, 2 or 3 seconds
      • normally open or normally closed type
      • double-channel push button (short or long push)
      • multichannel push button (each push selects the next channel)
      • lock or unlock
      • suppress
    • timer functions:
      • to simulate a push button operation at a certain time
      • daily, weekly, monthly or yearly program
      • choose between 3 program groups (ex. summer, winter, or holiday program)
      • push button lock or unlock can be added to the program
      • two different alarm wake-up and bed times that can be used as references in the program
      • sunset/sunrise linked programs
    • functions via external Velbus push buttons:
      • lock or unlock
      • activate/deactivate switching programs and timers
  • power supply: 15±3VDC
  • consumption: 20 mA
  • dimension (WxLxH): 33 x 40 x 32 mm / 1.3 x 1.57 x 1.26"
  • protocol manuals for developers: available for download at https://github.com/velbus


PDF-File Mounting instructions


EXE-File VelbusLink 10.2.4 (EN/NL/FR) - Latest version (10/06/2020)
Free Windows program to configure and program a Velbus installation (latest version)
PDF-File Velbus Installation Guide, Part 1: Hardware and Cabling
Everything you need to know about the Velbus hardware
PDF-File Velbus Installation Guide, Part 2: Configuration
How to configure Velbus modules using the free software VelbusLink
EXE-File VelbusLink 10.0.7 (EN/NL/FR) - Previous version
Previous version of VelbusLink
XLSX-File Velbus consumption calculator
Spreadsheet to calculate the number of power supplies you need in a Velbus installation.

Info Sheets

HTML-File Velbus actions by module (click on an action to see a description)
List of actions per module