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VMBRFR8S - 8-channel rf receiver


  • Only a qualified professional may carry out the installation in conformity with in force legislation and standards.

  • protocol manuals for developers

    available for download at https://github.com/velbus

  • wireless remote control of entry gates, garage doors, lighting, blinds, etc.
  • the receiver simulates 8 push button channels on the Velbus system
  • wide range of operation (up to 250 m in open area)
  • works together with 2-channel handheld transmitter VMBRFT2H and 4-channel handheld transmitters VMBRFT4H
  • the 2-channel transmitter can control channels 1 & 2, or 3 & 4, or 5 & 6, or 7 & 8
  • the 4-channel transmitter can control channels 1 to 4, 3 to 6, or 5 to 8
  • assigning transmitters can be done manually or via the free VELBUSLINKprogram
  • LED indication for receive status and learning mode
  • adjustable channel response time (0, 1, 2 or 3 seconds)
  • detection of short or long button press
  • configurable multi-channel operation, the next channel is selected at each press (up to 8 channels)
  • configurable dual channel push button, a different channel is selected depending on the length of the push (short or long push)
  • extensive day, week and year programs plus a built-in astronomical clock (sunrise and sunset timing) are included to operate the receiver channels automatically
  • uses one address (configurable in VELBUSLINK)
  • configurable by using the Velbus PC interface (VMB1USB or VMBRSUSB) and the free VELBUSLINKprogram
  • frequency: 868 MHz
  • antenna: built-in (additional external antenna can optionally be connected)
  • coding system: unidirectional addressing transmission
  • max. number of transmitters: 48
  • number of channels: 8
  • possible addresses: 250
  • max. number of program steps: 74
  • operating temperature range: -10°C to +55°C
  • precautions:
    • electrically conductive materials (eg. metal) in the vicinity may interfere with the RF signal
    • using multiple transmitters on the same receiver at exactly the same time (within 100ms of each other) may cause a channel to remain pressed until the next button press, or until a timeout of 2 minutes has expired (whichever comes first)
  • supply voltage: 15±3 VDC
  • power consumption: 30 mA
  • dimensions: 47,5 x 47,5 x 20 mm
  • protection (IP): IP20

CE Doc

PDF-File EU declaration of conformity


PDF-File short user manual


EXE-File VelbusLink 10.6.5 (EN/NL/FR) - Latest version (10/21/2021)
Free Windows program to configure and program a Velbus installation (latest version - 10/21/2021)
PDF-File Velbus Installation Guide, Part 1: Hardware and Cabling
Everything you need to know about the Velbus hardware
PDF-File Velbus Installation Guide, Part 2: Configuration
How to configure Velbus modules using the free software VelbusLink
PDF-File Velbus Troubleshooting Guide
Step-by-step guide for solving Velbus problems.
EXE-File VelbusLink 10.5.1 (EN/NL/FR) - Previous version
Previous version of VelbusLink
XLSX-File Velbus consumption calculator
Spreadsheet to calculate the number of power supplies you need in a Velbus installation.

Info Sheets

PDF-File VMBRFR8S Datasheet
HTML-File Velbus actions by module (click on an action to see a description)
List of actions per module
Q. How do I make my RF transmitter work with my RF receiver?
A. If you want to link a Velbus RF transmitter (VMBRFT2H, VMBRFT4H, ...) to a Velbus RF receiver (VMBRFR8S), connect the receiver to your Velbus installation, and go to the configuration settings of the receiver in VelbusLink. Follow the instructions in the relevant tab.