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VMBPSU-2 - Velbus din rail power supply - 15vdc - 4 a

The Velbus DIN rail power supply is specifically made for high demanding home automation applications that require a stable AC/DC converter with protection against short circuit, over-current and over-voltage. The 13.5 to 18.0 adjustable output voltage, CAT III rating (EN 61558-1) and 60W output power make this a perfect fit for your Velbus applications.


  • Only a qualified professional may carry out the installation in conformity with in force legislation and standards.

  • protocol manuals for developers

    available for download at https://github.com/velbus

  • Ultra slim step-shape 3SU DIN Rail Power Supply
  • Industrial-grade with OVC III EN61558-1 safety standard
  • Universal 85-264VAC or 120-370VDC input voltage
  • Accepts AC or DC input (dual-use of same terminal)
  • Short circuit, over-current and over-voltage protection
  • Low standby power consumption, high efficiency
  • DC output voltage adjustable between 13.5 and 18VDC
  • Large operating ambient temperature range: -40? to +70?
  • High I/O isolation test voltage up to 4000VAC
  • Low ripple & noise
  • Withstand 300VAC surge input for 5s
  • DIN rail TS35X7.5/ TS35X15 mountable
  • LED indicator power on
  • Output Specifications:
    • Output power: 60W
    • Nominal Output Voltage (Vo): 15V
    • Nominal Output Current (Io): 4A
    • Output Voltage Adjustable Range ADJ: 13.5V -18.0V
    • Max Capacitive Load: 8000 µF
    • Output Voltage Accuracy (0%-100% load): 2%
    • Line Regulation (rated load): 0,5%
    • Load Regulation (230VAC): 1,5%
    • Output Ripple & Noise (20MHz bandwidth peak-to-peak value): 120mV
    • Temperature Coefficient: 0,02 %/°C
    • Stand-by Power Consumption with 230VAC input: 0,3W
    • Short Circuit Protection: Hiccup, continuous, self-recovery
    • Over-current Protection: bigger or equal to 120%lo, self-recovery
    • Over-voltage Protection: less or equal to 20V (output voltage clamp or hiccup)
    • Minimum Load: 0%
    • Start-up Delay Time: 3s
    • Hold-up Time: 15ms @ 115VAC - 80ms @ 230VAC
    • Power Derating: 8.0%/°C (-40°C to -30°C), 2.0%/°C (+45°C to +70°C), 1.0%+VAC (85VAC-100VAC)
  • Input Specifications:
    • AC Input Voltage Range: 85-264VAC
    • DC Input Voltage Range: 120-370VAC
    • Input Frequency range: 47-63 Hz
    • Efficiency at 230VAC Typ.: 89%
    • Max Input Current: 1.2A @ 115VAC, 0.8A @ 230VAC
    • Typical Inrush Current: 30A @ 115VAC, 60A @ 230VAC
    • Max Leakage Current at 264VAC: 0.25mA RMS
  • Environmental specifications :
    • Operating Temperature range: -40°C, +70°C
    • Storage Temperature range: -40°C, +85°C
    • Max. Storage Humidity: 95 %RH
    • Max. Operating Altitude: 2000 m
  • Safety & EMC:
    • Safety Standard: CAT III rating (EN 61558-1)
    • MTBF (MIL-HDBK-217F@25°C): >300.000h
    • Isolation Input-output Electric strength test for 1min. (leakage current <5mA): 4000 VAC
    • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC): CE approved
  • Mechanical Specifications:
    • Case Material: Plastic, heat-resistant (UL94V-0)
    • Package Dimensions: 92.66 x 52.00 x 58.00 mm (h x w x d)
    • Weight: 175g (Typ.)
    • Cooling Method: Free air convection
    • Wire range: 24-12 AWG
    • Tightening torque: Max 0.4 Nm
    • Mounting rail: TS35


EXE-File VelbusLink 10.8.5 (EN/NL/FR) - Latest version
Free Windows program to configure and program a Velbus installation (latest version - 09/22/2022)
PDF-File Velbus Installation Guide, Part 1: Hardware and Cabling
Everything you need to know about the Velbus hardware
PDF-File Velbus Installation Guide, Part 2: Configuration
How to configure Velbus modules using the free software VelbusLink
PDF-File Velbus Troubleshooting Guide
Step-by-step guide for solving Velbus problems.
EXE-File VelbusLink 10.6.5 (EN/NL/FR) - Previous version
Previous version of VelbusLink
XLSX-File Velbus consumption calculator
Spreadsheet to calculate the number of power supplies you need in a Velbus installation.

Info Sheets

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List of actions per module