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VMBDMI - Single channel triac dimmer for resistive and inductive loads

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1-channel 400W dimmer. Create an atmosphere which suits you best or let your lights dim slowly to avoid unexpected surprises. It is also possible to simulate a sunrise which makes waking up a lot more pleasant!

This item is replaced by:VMBDMI-R

  • leading edge phase control
  • suitable for:
    • incandescent lamps
    • mains voltage halogen lighting
    • low voltage halogen lighting in combination with a conventional (wire wound) transformer
    • some types of 230V dimmable led lamps
  • soft on or off will prolong the lamp's life
  • thermal protection
  • protection at too inductive load (can be disabled for dimmable led lamps)
  • configuration: via PC
    • addressing: 250 possible addresses
    • operation modes: dimming - slow on/off - timer - multistep dimmer - moods ...
    • timer: 1s ... 3 days
    • dimspeed: 2s ... 23 hours
  • LED indicators for:
    • operation modes
    • error status
    • power voltage
    • data reception and forwarding through VELBUS
  • required mains voltage: 220-240V/50Hz
  • maximum load: 400W
  • minimum load: 40W (if necessary add an electronic preload)
  • dimming from 0 to 100% in 4 seconds
  • built-in non-resettable fuse
  • thermal protection:
    • > 80°C to 25% intensity
    • > 90°C to 0% intensity
  • power supply: 15±3VDC
  • consumption: 30mA
  • dimensions: 90x36x58mm / 3.5x1.4x2.3"
  • width: 2 DIN modules


PDF-File short user manual for VMBDMI
Basic manual explaining the basic functions of the Velbus dimmer for inductive/resistive loads.
PDF-File extended user manual for VMBDMI
Extended manual that explain how to use all possibilities of the dimmer for inductive/resistive load


PDF-File Dimming with Velbus
Overview of the possibilities of dimming various types of lighting with Velbus

Info Sheets

PDF-File VMBDMI protocol
Protocol information describing how to develop software that can communicate with this module
Q. The lights connected to my VMBDMI(-R) are not completely turned off
A. I have a light circuit connected to a VMBDMI(-R). When the lights are dimmed out, they keep on emitting a bit of light.
To solve this problem, put a relay (eg. of a VMB4RYNO module) between the dimmer and the lamp. Then create an action "Momentary (follow)" with the dimmer as initiator, and the relay as subject.
This relay will always be closed, except when the dimmer is set to 0%.
Q. Light switched at 100% during the day and 25% at night
A. A light needs to be switched at full intensity during the day (07:00 - 23:00), but at night (23:00 - 07:00) at a dimvalue of 25%. How to program this in Velbuslink? Read more ... (PDF)
Q. How can I make a motion detector set a light to a certain dim value during a certain time?
A. A Velbus motion sensor needs to turn a light on at a certain dim value (eg. 50%) during a certain time (eg. 1 minute).
This can be done as follows:
- in the configuration of the Velbus motion sensor module, set the timeout of the motion output to 1s
- create an action "Set to percentage" with the motion output channel as initiator and the dimmer channel as subject. Set the dim percentage parameter (in our example 50%). This action has also a "duration" parameter. Set this to the desired on time (in our example 1 minute)
Q. My led lights are not dimming correctly
A. If the connected led lights are in accordance with the specifications of our dimmer but do not dim correctly (eg. buzzing, flickering, turning off by themselves, ...) an electronic pre-charge may possibly be a solution. The electronic pre-charge is specifically useful in case of induction, or if the load is not high enough.
Q. Atmospheric dimvalue toggle in one button
A. How can I toggle an atmospheric dimvalue (eg. set dimvalue to 25% / off) with one button? Read more ... (PDF)