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VMB1TSW - Temperature sensor for use with vmb1tc(w), white

You can accurately monitor the temperature in any room where you install this sensor module. Use it to directly control the heater or in combination with our temperature controller VMB1TC (black version) / VMB1TCW (white version) which lets you group rooms and use weekly programs. It doesn't make a difference whether you use a centralized heating system or local heaters.

Compatible with Bticino® frames : Living®, Light® & Light-Tech®


  • Also available in black


  • night / day or Comfort setting
  • local button can be locked
  • sleep function (temporary program override)
  • cooling or heating option
  • multiple temperature alarms : anti freeze, anti overheat...
  • adjustable hysteresis : using controller VMB1TC or PC
  • history: min./max. temperature and total activated time
  • summer-time pump-lockup protection option: 1min/day
  • drive up to 7 relay outputs : valve, blower, heater day mode, a/c, pump, temperature alarms high and low
  • output cycling protection delay : minimum, 1 minute, on/off
  • programmable thermostat function through VMB1TC temperature controller
  • optional:
    • dark-grey frame VMBFDG
    • light-grey frame VMBFLG
    • pattress box VMBBOX
    • blind plate VMBFBi
  • power supply: 15±3VDC
  • power consumption: 15mA max.
  • adjustable sleep time: from 1min to 45days
  • range: -10°C to 63.5°C
  • accuracy:
    • at room temp : +/- 0.5°
    • at full range: +/-1°
  • hysteresis: 0.5° to 15.5° in steps of 0.5°
  • controller or PC configuration (VelbusLink + interface)
  • communication: Velbus protocol
  • dimensions: 43x46x22mm


PDF-File Extended user manual for VMB1TSW
Extended manual that explain how to use all possibilities of the temperature sensor.
PDF-File Short user manual for VMB1TSW
Basic manual to get started with the Velbus temperature sensor
PDF-File Getting started manual
A quick guide that's allow you to get started with this module in just a few steps

Info Sheets

PDF-File Datasheet
Product information about the temperature sensor,
PDF-File VMB1TSW protocol
Protocol information describing how to develop software that can communicate with this module
Q. Using VMB1TS without the VMB1TC controller module
A. If you wish to set a weekly program for your VMB1TS sensors without using a VMB1TC controller, you can use push buttons and program steps on input modules instead (eg. on a VMBGPOD glass controller module).
Read more ... (PDF)
Q. How does the "central heating" channel work?
A. The "central heating" channel is pressed when the sensor is in day or comfort mode.