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VMBRFT4H - 4-button handheld rf remote control

4-button handheld RF remote control for use with VMBRFR8S


  • Only a qualified professional may carry out the installation in conformity with in force legislation and standards.

  • protocol manuals for developers

    available for download at https://github.com/velbus

  • for use with: VMBRFR8S
  • battery life: 3 to 5 years
  • battery low indication: led flashes repeatedly (short burst) when pressing or releasing a button
  • Physical Properties:
    • Number of Buttons: 4
  • Technical Data:
    • Maximum RF Power Transmitted: 6 dBm
  • Environmental Data:
    • IP Rating: IP20
    • Usage Location: indoor only
    • Ambient Temperature: -10-55 °C
  • Operational Properties:
    • Instruction Manual Languages: Dutch, English, French, German
    • Open Field Range: 250 m
  • IT Connections:
    • Wireless Frequency: 868 MHz
    • Interface Type: RF
  • Power Supply:
    • Battery Operated: Yes
    • Number of Batteries: 1
    • Battery IEC Size: CR2032 (5004LC)
    • Battery Composition: Lithium
    • Battery Voltage Rating: 3 V
    • Low Battery Indicator: Yes
  • Included:
    • Key Hanger: Yes
    • LED Indicator: Yes
  • Product Basic Info:
    • Colour: Black
    • Additional Colour: Grey, Metal
    • Height: 11.5 mm
    • Depth: 74 mm
    • Width: 33 mm
    • Weight: 30 g
    • Material: ABS
    • Additional Material: Metal

CE Doc

PDF-File EU declaration of conformity


PDF-File short user manual


EXE-File VelbusLink 10.8.4 (EN/NL/FR) - Latest version
Free Windows program to configure and program a Velbus installation (latest version - 08/02/2022)
PDF-File Velbus Installation Guide, Part 1: Hardware and Cabling
Everything you need to know about the Velbus hardware
PDF-File Velbus Installation Guide, Part 2: Configuration
How to configure Velbus modules using the free software VelbusLink
PDF-File Velbus Troubleshooting Guide
Step-by-step guide for solving Velbus problems.
EXE-File VelbusLink 10.6.5 (EN/NL/FR) - Previous version
Previous version of VelbusLink
XLSX-File Velbus consumption calculator
Spreadsheet to calculate the number of power supplies you need in a Velbus installation.

Info Sheets

PDF-File VMBRFT4H Datasheet
HTML-File Velbus actions by module (click on an action to see a description)
List of actions per module