A day in life with Velbus home automation


You've pushed your alarm clock but stayed in bed until 9 a.m. It is a normal weekday so the heating is on night mode in every room of the house but no worries, a button next to your bed allows you to set it instantly to comfort mode again.


A second button next to the bed controls the roller shutters. The other shutters opened automatically at sunrise.


When you get out of bed, a notification on your glass control module OLED display reminds you today is your partner's birthday. Hopefully the gift gets delivered on time.


After a shower and breakfast it is time to do some cleaning. A simple tap on the stylisch control will delight you, as the display shows the energy returned from your solar panels.


The doorbell rings. You can use your smartphone to see who is at the door. The gift arrives just in time, as you are about to share lunch with some friends. At the door, you will press all off: even the heater falls back to night mode.


Lunch has turned into an afternoon chatting with friends and when you come home, the kids are already home from school. The heating was set to comfort mode from 16h, which means the study rooms are also pleasantly warm. With your smartphone, you had previously disabled the TV because you want your children to finish their homework first.


You just had a cosy dinner with the family and the shutters went down at dusk. You just tap the glass touch to activate the evening mood: the light in the room is dim, the lamp in the sitting area provides cosiness and the heating switches to a higher setting.


The children are asleep but a LED on the push button in the living room shows that they have forgotten to turn off the light. You can switch off the lights for them from the living room.


You go to bed and after brushing your teeth, just tap the button in the bathroom. This turns everything off downstairs while the light in the hallway remains on for a moment. The light in your bedroom switches on smoothly. You are ready for a good night's sleep.

Velbus home automation in extra-care housing
Home automation is increasingly becoming part of our life. Assistance centres have also discovered the benefits of a home automation system.Not only does it support its residents in their daily tasks, but home automation also helps the health care provider to optimize the care.