Control your lighting with Velbus

Velbus, the ideal home automation system to make your home more energy efficient, comfortable and smarter! Velbus is developed and manufactured in Belgium, and has been a synonym for affordability, reliability, flexibility and simplicity for more than 20 years. Use it remotely, intuitively and without any hassle via tablet or smartphone. Thanks to the decentralized design, the system keeps working even if one module is out of order. To respond to the latest developments in the field of IoT and home automation, the Velbus system is continuously updated to make your life simpler and more enjoyable!

Home automation and lighting go hand in hand. The correct lighting makes for the correct home mood and allows you to save on energy. With the Velbus home automation system you create a light scene for every occasion and program a button for each mood. In the mood to read a book, watch TV or enjoy an evening with friends? Velbus allows you to dim the lights or change the colour remotely or with just one press on the button to create a relaxing atmosphere. Need more light on your workplace or in the kitchen? Just choose the mood and Velbus will do the rest.

Dim the lighting with just one press on the button


You come home after a hard day at work and need a relaxing evening. Just press the scene button and the light in the living room will dim to the ideal atmosphere. How easy can it be?

Choose Velbus and go for reliability, safety and endless possibilities. Install Velbus in your home and discover all the advantages. Curious about what home automation has to offer for your home? Contact us now and let’s find a tailored solution.

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