Play it safe with the all-off button

Automatic control of the lighting and heating, making coffee when waking up in the morning, automatic rising of the shutters at sunrise, opening the garage door… The possibilities with the Velbus home automation system are endless. Velbus, a Belgian brand developed and manufactured by Velleman Group, has more than 20 years of experience in the field of home automation solutions. Velleman Group was founded in 1974 and is an established value in the development of electronics. It offers you an affordable, reliable, flexible and no-nonsense solution to control all your appliances via smart switches. In short, Velbus makes life easy…

Put your home in standby with just one press on the button


The most used function in a home automation system is the all-off function. This super handy function allows you to switch off all lights and sockets, roll down the blinds and lock the doors. You can even include the heating to lower the temperature a few degrees at night. That’s how you will save on your energy bill!

Never doubt again whether the light is switched off

You probably know it: you leave home and as soon as you’re around the corner of the street, you wonder whether you switched off the lights and closed the doors and windows… With the all-off button, which you can control via your smartphone, you won’t have to worry again!

Choose Velbus and go for reliability, safety and endless possibilities. Install Velbus in your home and discover all the advantages. Curious about what home automation has to offer for your home? Contact us now and let’s find a tailored solution.

"With Velbus I have total control over my house"
Home automation makes my life so much easier and the Velbus installation offers me nothing but advantages.