Save on your energy bill with Velbus
Home automation makes your life so much easier, but did you know that it helps to save on your energy bill? Let's list all the advantages of a Velbus home automation system below.

Light on or light off? Home automation will decide for you! Light sensors will automatically switch off the light when leaving the room or after they did not detect a presence. The light will not be left switched on unnecessarily. Furthermore, when natural light entering your house is insufficient, you can make the light to switch on automatically at the dimming value of your choice. This way you will save on your energy bill even more.

Heating and cooling

Heating your house efficiently is a walk in the park with a Velbus home automation system. You can turn the heater on automatically just before coming home from work, but also turn it off automatically when going to bed. You can even heat every room separately. By heating the bathroom first and then the breakfast room, you will save on your energy bill. You only heat where it is needed.

Sunblinds and shutters also contribute to a lower energy bill. A temperature sensor will automatically open the shutters on a cold winter day so the sunlight will help heat the room. In summertime, the sensors will automatically close the shutters to keep the house cool and you will switch on the air conditioning less quickly.

Handy All-off button

Many users of the Velbus home automation system consider the all-off button to be one of the biggest trump cards. Are you leaving the house or going to bed? Just hit the all-off button to switch off all lighting and appliances - except for the fridge, etc. This button will ensure that energy consumption is kept at a minimum during your absence. Even the consumption of standby power used by appliances such as a television set or internet modem will be considerably reduced.

Invest in a Velbus home automation system and save on your energy bill. By the way, a lower energy consumption is also environment friendly.

NEW! Velbus-Dali-Gateway, and more...
We haven't been hanging around the last few months and are proud to offer four new additions in the Velbus range: a Velbus DALI gateway, a universal 4-channel push button interface, a universal 1-channel input module and a magnetic gate contact.