Smart housekeeping

More and more people use home automation as the advantages are endless: maximum living comfort, control over your energy consumption, more safety and ease of installation. A home automation system makes your home smarter and simpler to use. Opening and closing windows and doors, switching the lights on and off whenever you want, managing your alarm system remotely or from one centralized spot? Leave it all to Velbus! With Velbus you get a modular and reliable system at a bargain price and with a 10-year warranty. In addition, Velbus is sustainable and a 100 % Belgian product.

Not only do the modules with onboard lighting look classy, they are also very practical. Use the lighting as mood lighting or pair it to a specific function. A red glow can be used to indicate the heating is still switched on, a blue glow to indicate someone has rung the doorbell.

Home automation helps you at housekeeping 


Have you ever forgot to take out the rubbish bin? Ask Velbus to remind you! Program a “take out rubbish” notification and the rubbish will always be taken out on time. Tidy is tidy!

Choose Velbus and go for reliability, safety and endless possibilities. Install Velbus in your home and discover all the advantages. Curious about what home automation has to offer for your home? Contact us now and let’s find a tailored solution.

Velbus helps you save on energy