The perfect hospitality with Velbus
More and more hotels, B&Bs and lodges choose Velbus. A home automation system has a ton of advantages.Not only it enhances the guests' experience, it also offers many handy functions for the hotel manager and staff.

Optimal experience for lodgers

Home automation will make your guests feel extra comfortable. Motion sensors will automatically switch on the lighting as soon as lodgers enter their room. A temperature sensor will activate the sunblinds to keep the heat out. This way, your guests will never have to stay in an overheated room during the summer months.

But there is more! What about a control panel next to the bed allowing your guest to control the lighting, the sunblinds and the heating? Velbus makes life easier and helps to enhance the stay.

Total control

Moreover, not only guests experience the advantages of a home automation system. You as a manager will also benefit from home automation, as every single room is controllable from a distance. If the room is empty, you can switch off all appliances to save energy.

As the guests arrive, why not switch on the heating half an hour in advance to welcome them in a comfortably heated room. Sunblinds and lighting are similarly controllable. This way, you will save time and energy on physical movements in the building.

To put it briefly, the lodging industry will only benefit from a Velbus home automation system. Interested?

Save on your energy bill with Velbus
Home automation makes your life so much easier, but did you know that it helps to save on your energy bill? Let's list all the advantages of a Velbus home automation system below.