Velbus helps you save on energy

Durability, comfort and energy saving: home automation has plenty to offer and is now indispensable in today’s life. Controlling the light, automatizing the blinds, dimming the light to create the desired mood with just a single press on the button: the possibilities are endless. Looking for a reliable solution to control all your devices through simple control panels? Then Velbus is your ideal partner! Velbus, a Belgian brand developed and manufactured by Velleman Group, has more than 20 years of experience in the field of home automation solutions. Velleman Group was founded in 1974 and is an established value in the development of electronics. In short, Velbus makes life easy…

Besides offering comfort and safety, home automation also helps you to cut on our energy bills. The Velbus smart energy meters give you an overview of your energy consumption and help you manage your peak consumption.

Did you forget to switch off the TV and the heating? No problem, the Velbus home automation system allows you to switch them off remotely. Just one press on the button to save on energy!

Smart switching and energy saving with Velbus


Use your smartphone or tablet to control all your devices remotely, even when you are not at home. This way you can switch off the lights forgotten in the morning or choose to run the washing machine when your solar panels are generating much energy. These are a few examples of what is possible with the Velbus home automation system.

Choose Velbus and go for reliability, safety and endless possibilities. Install Velbus in your home and discover all the advantages. Curious about what home automation has to offer for your home? Contact us now and let’s find a tailored solution.


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