Velbus home automation in extra-care housing
Home automation is increasingly becoming part of our life. Assistance centres have also discovered the benefits of a home automation system.Not only does it support its residents in their daily tasks, but home automation also helps the health care provider to optimize the care.

Home automation allows you to automatize many processes. A movement sensor will automatically switch on the light as soon as a resident gets out of bed at night. Is the bathroom occupied? A light at the room door warns visitors to await until the user has finished before entering the room.

Curtains can also be opened or closed automatically. When there is too much sunlight entering the room, home automation will automatically lower the sunblinds. Is a resident leaving the room? A simple press of the all-off push-button will switch off all lighting and appliances in that room

Optimizing care provision

Home automation will also support supervisory tasks. Does the hall sensor detect movement at night? The system will warn the staff so they can check it out. Opening and closing front or inner doors at a distance might be useful to assure increased vigilance when dealing with people suffering from dementia.

Home automation in extra care housing

Home automation offers many possibilities, even in the health care sector. Automatizing processes not only enhances comfort, it also helps carers to spend more time with the residents.

The perfect hospitality with Velbus
More and more hotels, B&Bs and lodges choose Velbus. A home automation system has a ton of advantages.Not only it enhances the guests' experience, it also offers many handy functions for the hotel manager and staff.