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Discovering Velbus and ready to get started? Refer to our Velbus installation guide for hardware installation and software configuration. We also recommend reading our troubleshooting guide!

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VelbusLink Software

VelbusLink is the free configuration software for Velbus. Download the latest version and get started. VelbusLink is only available for Windows. Since version 11 only Windows 10 or higher is supported. You don't need admin rights to install our VelbusLink software, but you can choose to use them to install the optional USB driver.

VelbusLink latest (EN/NL/FR) VelbusLink 10.9.7 (EN/NL/FR) VelbusLink 10.8.6 (EN/NL/FR)

Velbuslink changelog

Signum IoT Gateway Manual

To control your Velbus installation using an app or browser.

Short manual (NL/FR/ENG/DEU)

Signum changelog

Other product downloads

All product manuals and info sheets can be downloaded on the website.

Inspiration Catalog

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More about Velbus

Discover the Velbus Experience Center

Discover the Velbus experience center

At Velbus HQ we have build a state of the art experience center! Discover with your own eyes every single high-tech home automation products that we have to offer.

Have a look at our recent references

Have a look at our recent references

Have a look at a few our state of the art references including Velbus home automation! Get inspired and read stories on how we helped our customers automating their needs.

Find a Velbus installer nearby

Find a Velbus installer nearby

For new installations, or support on existing installations you can search the nearest Velbus installer.  Enter your location to search for a Velbus Partner or showroom near you.