Your style, your personal colour

One thing that we have repeatedly been asked since the early days of the glass panels is “Are they the only colours you have available?”
While it was a 100% increase on Henry Ford’s offerings (you only got the cars in black), we did feel that we needed to find a way to offer more choice.

Obviously we can’t stock all the panels in all the colours, just in case one person wants something different. However, the massive change to our supply chain by producing in Belgium, has led us to be able to offer something a little special.

For a ONE OFF per project setup cost of 2500 euros, you can now offer your customers a choice of ANY RAL colour. Yes, any colour they wish, for a single setup cost per colour.

The unit cost will remain the same, without a minimum or maximum order quantity.

1. Pick your RAL colour

First things first: choose the RAL colour that truly stands out in your design. Interested in incorporating multiple RAL colours within a single project? That's also possible!

2. Select the panels you want

Take a look at our remarkable control panels in the EdgeLit or GlassPanel series and choose the type of panels you desire: one button, two buttons, four buttons, four buttons with an OLED screen, or PIR sensor buttons.

3. Contact us

Fill in the form below to contact us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your unique project.

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