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  With Velbus I have total control over my house

Home automation makes my life so much easier and the Velbus installation offers me nothing but advantages.

Home automation makes my life so much easier and the Velbus installation offers me nothing but advantages. I can switch the lighting on or off with only one control module, but also activate the sunblinds. The integrated temperature sensor allows me to automatically regulate the temperature in the bedroom. In winter, the heating switches on when the temperature drops too low, and in summer, the sunblinds will lower to keep the rooms comfortably cool.

Next to comfort, the system also offers lots of advantages security-wise. As soon as someone walks the driveway at night, the outside lighting switches on. The absence mode is another handy feature. When no one is home, the Velbus system simulates occupancy by randomly switching the lighting on and off. This will deter unwanted visitors so I can leave home assured.

The Velbus home automation system is very stable and the high-quality control panels are nicely finished. They are developed in Belgium, which inspires extra confidence. I couldn't live in a house without.

Posted on Sep 15, 2020

  VMBGP4PIR available!

The VMBGP4PIR 4 touch button glass panel with built-in PIR sensor is in stock!

Read more...(PDF).

Posted on Apr 1, 2016

  New: VMBPIRM mini PIR motion detector and more

New in our product range: the VMBPIRM mini PIR motion detector; the VMBGP4PIRW/B Glass input module with 4 touch buttons and built-in PIR detector; and the VMBKWH series of energy counters...

Read all about it in the November newsletter...(PDF).

Posted on Nov 5, 2015

  24/09/2015: VMB2LEDDC 2 channel PWM LEDstrip dimmer (0 to 10 V)

The VMB2LEDDC is the new and improved Velbus PWM dimmer (before VMBRGBDC).

Read more...(PDF).

Posted on Sep 24, 2015

  New VMB1BLS single channel shutter module for universal mounting

The VMB1BLS is a new, compact 1-channel shutter module for universal mounting. Due to its small size and molded housing it can easily be incorporated in e.g. shutter casings.

Read all about in the Velbus Newsletter July 2015-4.

Posted on Jul 13, 2015

  Outdoor motion, twilight and temperature sensor VMBPIRO(W/B)

The VMBPIRO is so much more than an ordinary motion detector for outside.

This adapted Theben sensor allows you to simultaneously use motion- and light sensitivity as well as temperature measurement. The built-in astronomical clock allows the VMBPIRO to operate time-dependently. And on top of that, the module is able to simultaneously detect motion for a passage signal or detect light dependent movement for lighting control.

Available in black (VMBPIROB) and white (VMBPIROW).

Functionality in a nutshell:
- 2 x twilight sensor with adjustable threshold values
- 2 x motion sensor with adjustable timers
- 2 x light-dependent motion detection: reacts only to motion when it is dark enough. With adjustable threshold values.
- High temperature alarm
- Low temperature alarm
- Outside temperature can be communicated to the Home Center server and/or displayed on Velbus glass touch panels VMBGPOD(W/B)
- Time-dependent functioning: all output channels can be programmed to be enabled or disabled at certain moments. With built-in astronomical clock (sunrise and sunset).

Velbuslink 9.25 or higher required.

Posted on May 18, 2015