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  New: Velbus-DALI-Gateway, and more!

We haven't been hanging around the last few months and are proud to offer four new additions in the Velbus range: a Velbus DALI gateway, a universal 4-channel push button interface, a universal 1-channel input module and a magnetic gate contact.


One of the most striking additions is the Velbus DALI gateway (VMBDALI). DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is a control standard for lighting systems in professional environments such as office buildings, but it has found its way into private homes. DALI is an easy and reliable tool which allows you to control a large number of luminaire systems.

Velbus now offers a module which makes it possible to make your Velbus installation communicate with DALI and vice-versa. Your Velbus push button, relay, sensor or other Velbus element will now also control DALI luminaires and systems.

> integrated DALI power supply
> DALI device settings and addressing can be configured directly in the VelbusLink software
> 64 devices, 16 groups, 16 scenes
> compatible with DALI and DALI-2
> DIN width of 2 modules

Even if you are not familiar with DALI, VelbusLink will guide you through the process. You will be able to address and use your DALI devices like any other Velbus output channel.


Also new in the range is this 4-channel push button interface (VMB4PB). If the VMB8PBU push button interface is only compatible with Velbus LEDs, the VMB4PB can be used to make your Velbus system compatible with nearly all push buttons on the market, including all kinds of feedback LEDs. You will be able to use feedback LEDs with common anode or cathode and an operating voltage up to 24V (AC or DC).

In advanced use, the VMB4PB can be set in l/O mode to allow the LED outputs to work as output channels (output current up to 10 mA @ 15 V). This way, you will be able to control third party systems through Velbus actions.


This universal 1-channel input module (VMBIN) is a new addition to the current range. You can build in this tiny module to connect a window or door contact like the new VMBCS01.


The VMBCS01[/link ] is a heavy-duty magnetic gate NC contact. It can be connected to the VMBIN.

Interested? [link url=https://www.velbus.eu/contact/]Contact us now!

Posted on May 5, 2021

  Velbus home automation in extra-care housing

Home automation is increasingly becoming part of our life. Assistance centres have also discovered the benefits of a home automation system.

Not only does it support its residents in their daily tasks, but home automation also helps the health care provider to optimize the care.

Safety and comfort

Home automation allows you to automatize many processes. A movement sensor will automatically switch on the light as soon as a resident gets out of bed at night. Is the bathroom occupied? A light at the room door warns visitors to await until the user has finished before entering the room.

Curtains can also be opened or closed automatically. When there is too much sunlight entering the room, home automation will automatically lower the sunblinds. Is a resident leaving the room? A simple press of the all-off push-button will switch off all lighting and appliances in that room.

Optimizing care provision

Home automation will also support supervisory tasks. Does the hall sensor detect movement at night? The system will warn the staff so they can check it out. Opening and closing front or inner doors at a distance might be useful to assure increased vigilance when dealing with people suffering from dementia.

Home automation offers many possibilities, even in the health care sector. Automatizing processes not only enhances comfort, it also helps carers to spend more time with the residents.

Interested? Contact us now!

Posted on Jan 18, 2021

  The perfect hospitality with Velbus

More and more hotels, B&Bs and lodges choose Velbus. A home automation system has a ton of advantages.

Not only it enhances the guests' experience, it also offers many handy functions for the hotel manager and staff.

Optimal experience for lodgers

Home automation will make your guests feel extra comfortable. Motion sensors will automatically switch on the lighting as soon as lodgers enter their room. A temperature sensor will activate the sunblinds to keep the heat out. This way, your guests will never have to stay in an overheated room during the summer months.

But there is more! What about a control panel next to the bed allowing your guest to control the lighting, the sunblinds and the heating? Velbus makes life easier and helps to enhance the stay.

Total Control

Moreover, not only guests experience the advantages of a home automation system. You as a manager will also benefit from home automation, as every single room is controllable from a distance. If the room is empty, you can switch off all appliances to save energy. As the guests arrive, why not switch on the heating half an hour in advance to welcome them in a comfortably heated room. Sunblinds and lighting are similarly controllable. This way, you will save time and energy on physical movements in the building.

To put it briefly, the lodging industry will only benefit from a Velbus home automation system. Interested? Contact us now!

Posted on Nov 2, 2020

  Save on your energy bill with Velbus home automation

Home automation makes your life so much easier, but did you know that it helps to save on your energy bill? Let's list all the advantages of a Velbus home automation system below.

Enlighten Yourself

Light on or light off? Home automation will decide for you! Light sensors will automatically switch off the light when leaving the room or after they did not detect a presence. The light will not be left switched on unnecessarily. Furthermore, when natural light entering your house is insufficient, you can make the light to switch on automatically at the dimming value of your choice. This way you will save on your energy bill even more.

Heating and Cooling

Heating your house efficiently is a walk in the park with a Velbus home automation system. You can turn the heater on automatically just before coming home from work, but also turn it off automatically when going to bed. You can even heat every room separately. By heating the bathroom first and then the breakfast room, you will save on your energy bill. You only heat where it is needed.

Sunblinds and shutters also contribute to a lower energy bill. A temperature sensor will automatically open the shutters on a cold winter day so the sunlight will help heat the room. In summertime, the sensors will automatically close the shutters to keep the house cool and you will switch on the air conditioning less quickly.

Handy All-off button

Many users of the Velbus home automation system consider the all-off button to be one of the biggest trump cards. Are you leaving the house or going to bed? Just hit the all-off button to switch off all lighting and appliances - except for the fridge, etc. This button will ensure that energy consumption is kept at a minimum during your absence. Even the consumption of standby power used by appliances such as a television set or internet modem will be considerably reduced.

Invest in a Velbus home automation system and save on your energy bill. By the way, a lower energy consumption is also environment friendly.

Posted on Oct 15, 2020

  Smart control with Signum from Velbus

The launching of the long-awaited Signum IoT Gateway is getting closer!

The launching of the long-awaited Signum IoT Gateway is getting closer. A first wave of 7 Signums is now being tested by a selected group. Release of the Signum will happen gradually to optimize bugfixing. First tests show that the Signum is stable but still has some expected teething troubles and rough edges. The Velbus team is working hard to fix them.

A second wave of Signums is expected to be sent to a group of testers in 1 or 2 weeks. We stay on schedule to offer a stable version in the final quarter of this year.

Stay tuned for more news!

Posted on Sep 21, 2020

  With Velbus I have total control over my house

Home automation makes my life so much easier and the Velbus installation offers me nothing but advantages.

Home automation makes my life so much easier and the Velbus installation offers me nothing but advantages. I can switch the lighting on or off with only one control module, but also activate the sunblinds. The integrated temperature sensor allows me to automatically regulate the temperature in the bedroom. In winter, the heating switches on when the temperature drops too low, and in summer, the sunblinds will lower to keep the rooms comfortably cool.

Next to comfort, the system also offers lots of advantages security-wise. As soon as someone walks the driveway at night, the outside lighting switches on. The absence mode is another handy feature. When no one is home, the Velbus system simulates occupancy by switching the lighting on and off. This will deter unwanted visitors so I can leave home assured.

The Velbus home automation system is very stable and the high-quality control panels are nicely finished. They are developed in Belgium, which inspires extra confidence. I couldn't live in a house without.

Posted on Sep 15, 2020

  VMBGP4PIR available!

The VMBGP4PIR 4 touch button glass panel with built-in PIR sensor is in stock!

Read more...(PDF).

Posted on Apr 1, 2016

  New: VMBPIRM mini PIR motion detector and more

New in our product range: the VMBPIRM mini PIR motion detector; the VMBGP4PIRW/B Glass input module with 4 touch buttons and built-in PIR detector; and the VMBKWH series of energy counters...

Read all about it in the November newsletter...(PDF).

Posted on Nov 5, 2015

  24/09/2015: VMB2LEDDC 2 channel PWM LEDstrip dimmer (0 to 10 V)

The VMB2LEDDC is the new and improved Velbus PWM dimmer (before VMBRGBDC).

Read more...(PDF).

Posted on Sep 24, 2015

  New VMB1BLS single channel shutter module for universal mounting

The VMB1BLS is a new, compact 1-channel shutter module for universal mounting. Due to its small size and molded housing it can easily be incorporated in e.g. shutter casings.

Read all about in the Velbus Newsletter July 2015-4.

Posted on Jul 13, 2015

  Outdoor motion, twilight and temperature sensor VMBPIRO(W/B)

The VMBPIRO is so much more than an ordinary motion detector for outside.

This adapted Theben sensor allows you to simultaneously use motion- and light sensitivity as well as temperature measurement. The built-in astronomical clock allows the VMBPIRO to operate time-dependently. And on top of that, the module is able to simultaneously detect motion for a passage signal or detect light dependent movement for lighting control.

Available in black (VMBPIROB) and white (VMBPIROW).

Functionality in a nutshell:
- 2 x twilight sensor with adjustable threshold values
- 2 x motion sensor with adjustable timers
- 2 x light-dependent motion detection: reacts only to motion when it is dark enough. With adjustable threshold values.
- High temperature alarm
- Low temperature alarm
- Outside temperature can be communicated to the Home Center server and/or displayed on Velbus glass touch panels VMBGPOD(W/B)
- Time-dependent functioning: all output channels can be programmed to be enabled or disabled at certain moments. With built-in astronomical clock (sunrise and sunset).

Velbuslink 9.25 or higher required.

Posted on May 18, 2015